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Oh dang, I just realized this was in a bundle. This is a certified XBLIA Classic. Played this with friends back in the day and I still anticipate the sequel. 

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I already bought this game on Desura (*sob*) and then forced to rebuy on Steam when Desura went under and took our purchases with it. Is there any way to get it here (if I can prove I paid twice already) or do I need to rebuy it a third time? Regardless, I love this game and am at least very happy to see it available DRM-free once more!

I don't seem to be able to message you here. Could you email me at j DOT Common AT csr-studios DOT com and I'll sort you out. 

Just sent you an email (sorry it took so long). Also found my receipts for both purchases. No rush but let me know here if you don't receive my email!

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Thanks so much for contributing this game to the bundle for racial equality and justice! I've been slowly but surely going through and reviewing the games in the bundle for my indie gaming blog, and thoroughly enjoyed Dead Pixels. 

My full review is here!



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Trying to use Xbox Series X/S controller on Windows 10 results in a crash:

Dead Pixels Launcher has encountered an error.
Additional non-parsable characters are at the end of the string.
   at System.ParseNumbers.StringToInt(String s, Int32 radix, Int32 flags, Int32* currPos)
   at System.Convert.ToInt32(String value, Int32 fromBase)
   at Nuclex.Input.DirectInputManager.tryExtractVidPid(String deviceId, Int32& vid, Int32& pid)
   at Nuclex.Input.DirectInputManager.isXInputDevice(DeviceInstance deviceInstance)
   at Nuclex.Input.DirectInputManager.CreateGamePads()
   at Nuclex.Input.InputManager.setupGamePads()
   at Nuclex.Input.InputManager..ctor(GameServiceContainer services, IntPtr windowHandle)
   at Dead_Pixels_Launcher.Game1..ctor()
   at Dead_Pixels_Launcher.Program.Main(String[] args)

Sorry just saw this.
Did you have any luck getting it to work?

The game currently uses a framework that over time has introduced issues with different hardware. I would like to replace it but this takes time and could be months away.


I think it worked over a wired connection, but not over bluetooth. And yeah, I too was wondering whether Nuclex was behind the issue; time to move to Monogames or something, I guess!


I've bought this game on Desura (RIP), Steam and now have it on itch due to a bundle. It's a simple game with a few variants for replayability, but for the stupid amount of fun it packs in there, it's totally worth the asking price. 

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Cute, plays very smoothly, but perhaps a bit too simple.  Could use some story or some strategic elements to balance out the gameplay.  Definately a fun if-it-moves-shoot-it game that's worth the price.



I don't often play shooters, but this was fun! Controls are like, extremely easy to get, and all the different weapons make it so there's enough variety to keep you going. Sadly, I am still not that great at the game. Regardless, thank you! <3 

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